A message from the artists:

This series of audio fragments documents our real collective attempt to journey through a forest in search of the Sublime.

If you can, we ask that you now head out for your own walk. We invite you to search for the Sublime alongside us, whatever that means to you.

We don't care whether or not you walk for a full hour. We don't care whether you're walking through a Forest or through the city. We only ask that you do not return home until at least an hour later.

Please begin the first track when you have begun your journey. Wear some headphones. Dress warmly. Enjoy.

2023/05/31 23:59:59


This year’s program is presented by Burrinja in collaboration with ngurrak barring | RidgeWalk. ngurrak barring is a cultural experience being developed along the trails of the Dandenong Ranges, celebrating the deep cultural and creative history of this place within an unparalleled natural environment.