the body as is place

Featuring works by Mel Smith OAM, Gulsen Ozer, Gretel Taylor, Viv Rogis, Leonie van Eyk, Jonathan Homesy, Cat McKay and special guests.

Join us for a Saturday night in as we revisit these luscious works of dance cinema, which were screened earlier this year at Burrinja as part of "the body as is place".

Each of these dance films explore the complex relationships between body, place and environment.  Featuring new work by a range of local dance film makers and guests, these screenings are less 'dancing in situ' and more about poetry in motion en plein air. Screenings will be followed by artist discussion and panel.

The body and place share a complex and symbiotic relationship. From green valleys, to rolling vistas, to celestial skies, this curation of contemporary dance films places the body and environment in an intimate conversation.

Saturday 5 June @ 7pm

2021/06/05 19:00:00

IGTV Conversations with two of the artists - Gulsen Ozer & Jonathan Homesy