Bluzal Field, Archiving the Future, 2023, Digital Collage. Archiving the Future { 03.12.23 ~ 18.02.24 } DARanged Foyer Takeover { 03.12.23 ~ 11.02.24 } Our Future Artists { 06.12.23 ~ 18.02.24 }

Archiving the Future: Celebrating 25 Years of Burrinja

Twenty-five years ago, an extraordinary journey began in this close-knit community. Burrinja emerged as a beacon of culture, art, and togetherness, and its profound impact on the region is undeniable. This year, as we prepare to celebrate its silver anniversary, Burrinja remains deeply rooted in the community that gave it life. It’s a place where community and culture have not merely coexisted but flourished in harmony.

On Sunday, December 3rd, at 12 PM, we invite you to join us for a grand celebration, a party filled with nostalgia and hopes for the future. The event promises to be a spectacular showcase, featuring live performances, captivating art exhibitions, enriching workshops, thought-provoking speeches, and a special afternoon tea to share in the joyous occasion. But we’re not stopping at the celebration. We’re setting our sights on the future, wondering what the next 25 years might bring. It’s a moment for reflection and anticipation, a juncture where we acknowledge our past achievements and envision the possibilities ahead.

One particularly exciting facet of this celebration is the “Archiving the Future” project. Starting on December 3rd and running through late February 2023, this project, located in the Burrinja, Foyer & AERIE Galleries, delves into the heart of Burrinja’s history. It seeks to unearth the stories, both mundane and extraordinary, encapsulated within the objects and artifacts stored in the Burrinja archives. These artifacts are a testament to the experiences and connections that have woven the fabric of our community.


03.12.23 - 18.02.24 | Burrinja gallery

Bluzal Field, Archiving the Future, 2023, Digital Collage.

Step into Burrinja‘s captivating history as our main gallery transforms into a nostalgic journey. Delving into our origins, starting as a grassroots community hub to its current stature. Witness the challenges, successes, and pivotal moments through archival documents and newspaper articles. Celebrate our strong community bond forged over 25 years, from collaborative programs to yearly highlights.

Explore Burrinja‘s identity through past Visual Arts exhibitions showcased on Gallery 02s walls. In Gallery 03, marvel at curated items from Burrinja‘s collection, offering a rare glimpse into its extensive acquisitions.


03.12.23 - 11.02.24 | Foyer gallery

In a time before Burrinja was a gallery,
and when the theatre was a car park, d
isparate forces –
D.Ranged artists, DRCCC, and Uncle Neils
occupied and created space.
So, harking back to those humble yet heady days,
we wish to bring back a little of the spirit
and spontaneity of that time.

We have invited artists to propose new temporary artworks, to be installed within the Burrinja foyer: It may be creating an artwork, a performance, a story, a dance. It may lurk in a corner, or decorate a window, hover from the ceiling, wind around a pillar or transform the space under the stairs. So, hoping to stir things up a little……

Here is some grass roots, street art, guerrilla activity.…. to celebrate that this awesome place was not sold to developers, but actually given in trust to us. Let us make merry and re-occupy our space.

Participating artists: Paula Ewington • Lyn Forrest • Jacqui Grace • Di Harbourd • Sam Hardige • Tracey Hayllar • Leticia Hodson • Robyn Holtham • Greg Howden • Cat Hyam • Max Kaluza • Chris Lawry • Jonathon Levin • Mary Litchfield • Nikki • Karly Michelle • Alex Moncrieff • Skübz Mope • Macarina Ocea • Tracey Roberts • Gerard Russo • Tracey Samios • Stella Seigleman • Cameron Semmons • Joy Serwylo • Textile Twins ~ Rebecca Wolske and Rachael Richards • Natasja Van Wyck • Janine Watson • Mark Westaway • Rain White • Gaby Willmott • Ros Yeung • Cora Zon • Maggie.


06.12.23 - 11.02.24 | aerie gallery

Explore the past while stepping into the future with our Our Future Artists,  connected to Burrinja through location or creative ethos. These artists are creating works in progress and experimental presentations, informed by Lia Hills speculative writing piece, Where One Ends the Other Has Already Begun.

Renate Crow & Lisa Von Muller 
Re-Sculpture | 6 – 22 Dec

Ben Guerrine  
Character Designs based of Australian flora and fauna | 6 – 10 Dec

Poppy/Gideon Adams
Making Art at Burrinja | 6 – 22 Dec

Emiko Artemis
Gathering Place | 17 – 22 Jan

Poppy Faul 
memory map | 24 Jan – 8 Feb, 2024

Skübz Mope 

Nostalgic Totem | 1 – 11 Feb, 2024 

Macarena Ocampo Cea
Textile Sculptural Explore | 1 – 11 Feb, 2024


03.12.23 @ 10am ~ 1pm | AERIE Studios @ Burrinja

AERIE Art Sale. Want to shop ethically and support local creatives?  Give the gift that keeps on giving, make art your go to gift of the season.  Art pieces, with wearable and wall friendly, plus cards, paper and more all from the 17 magnificent artists of the AERIE studios at Burrinja.

Participating artists: Natasja Van Wyk, James Hughes, Sarah Jordan, Stain Studio – Stephen Glover and Rain White, Kristin MacFarlane, Tracey Samios, Leticia Hodson, Carl Alexander, Paula Ewington, Aimee McCallum, Macarena Ocampo Ocea, Skübz Mope, Angela Cotter, Emily Lowe, and Liberty Finn.


03.12.23 @ 12pm ~ 4pm | Burrinja

In the heart of our community, nestled against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges, stands Burrinja. This cultural haven, built by the community, for the community, is celebrating a remarkable milestone – its 25th anniversary. On Sunday, December 3rd, from noon onwards, Burrinja invites everyone to join in the festivities, marking a quarter-century of being the place where community and culture harmoniously collide. On Sunday afternoon, Burrinja will come alive with live performances, art exhibitions, workshops, speeches, and a special afternoon tea.

The celebration is not just a reflection on the past but a contemplation of what the next 25 years might hold for this cultural cornerstone. We would love for you to come and celebrate this milestone with us. On the day, be a part of the unveiling of our specially curated exhibition – Archiving the Future. Witness the guerrilla art of DARanged’s foyer takeover, along with performances, the aerie art sale, free workshops, and much more….we hope to see you there.

❤ the team at Burrinja

banner image credits Burrinja Turns 25, Photo Stewart Chambers • Bluzal Field, Archiving the Future, 2023, Digital Collage • Exhibition works by Macarina Ocea, Jonathon Levin, Chris Lawry, Gaby Willmott & Alex Moncrieff. • The Contingent at Two Floors, Photo: Darren Clarke • AERIE ART SALE, Photo: James Hughes