an immersive art experience

The forests of the Dandenong Ranges are intimately woven into the threads of our lives, our community. “For the Love of Trees” delves deeply into this myriad of experiences, reminiscences and imaginings. Into the past, present and future of the forest that surrounds us. It is at once an immersive art experience, a curated exhibition and an invitation to participate.

It is an immersive art experience in four parts:

The curated group exhibition at its centre that reflects on our complicated relationship with trees in this country. Through a range of paintings, photography and sculptures the exhibition presents aspects that not only reflect on our appreciation and love for trees but also hints at a destructive relationship in the past and present.
Artists involved are John Anderson, Sue Anderson, Raymond Arnold, Rosalind Atkins, GW Bot, Louis Bulvelot, Tim Cooper, Jason Cordero, Dale Cox, Philip Davey, Glenn England, Brett Ferry, Dianne Fogwell, David Frazer, Siri Hayes, Fiona Hiscock, Hans Heysen, Tim Jones, Chris Lawry, Godfrey Miller, Kendal Murray, Catherine Nelson, Lin Onus, Otto Pareroultja, William Robinson, Kylie Stillman, Mary Tonkin, James Tylor, Victoria Watts
Christine Wrest-Smith, Ian Westacott, Clifford Dudley Wood.

The Paradise Garden, created by Jordan Sibley, is a hopeful speculation about the future of the Dandenong Ranges forest; this future will see humans living harmoniously with nature, supporting and being supported by the forest. The installation will place the viewer under a canopy of vines that miniature creatures live within, and aims to engage an optimistic discourse about the forest of the future.

'Voices among Trees', the offsite audio installation is a collation of crowd sourced 60 second love letters to the forest that can be heard along Trig Track in Kalorama.

Evolving forest sculpture, made from the botanical specimen contributions of patrons which will, over the course exhibition, rebuild a forest in the Burrinja Gallery.


by recording a love letter to the forest. These auditory letters will be incorporated into the ‘Voices in the Trees’ sound installation.

  • Record your short love letter to the forest (under 60 seconds is ideal).
  • Upload your audio file via this jotform: https://form.jotform.com/213128839065055
    Please note the file can be no bigger than 10.6MB
  • Be sure to fill in and sign the waiver section of the form if you would like us to include your love letter in the sound installation.
  • Entries are open now and you can submit your love letters throughout the duration of the project.