Holding Pattern


‘holding pattern’ is a micro-commissioning project by Burrinja, that has asked five exceptional artists to create new work in the digital realm, in response to the concept of ‘the anthropause’. This term can be understood within the context of “Reduced human mobility during the pandemic will reveal critical aspects of our impact …. providing important guidance on how best to share space on this crowded planet.”

In acknowledging the restricted movement of humans in 2020, I wondered how we might reflect this through our collective and individual practices. I was seeing a swathe of new works being proposed that responded to isolation through content, but less in their form.

So I wondered how delivering work in new forms, or at least new conduits, would further the narrative of our experience.

The work comes to you via mobile phone. Your mobile phone. And through this, our personal technologies meet with our collective experience. Indeed our private spaces have been interrupted and altered.

Like every loungeroom zoom in 2020, every conference call from the kitchen table, and every time we decided to stay in our pyjamas because the camera was off, the clearly defined boundaries between personal and professional space continue to stay blurred.

In responding to ‘the anthropause’, artists have created a series of five incredibly diverse works, across moving image, interactivity, static image and sound.

Whilst divergent, all of the works share a curious similarity: they de-centre the dominant. There’s an ongoing conversation between the works of our role and responsibility to live considerably within this system we have built. All of the works oscillate between the personal, the public and the political.

The anthropause proposes a range of ideas, many of which the artists have picked up on. The proliferation of fake (or unreliable) news in our media outlets, the structural inequalities that must be undone to truly respond to this moment, and the complex relationship between the human world and the natural environment.

I hope you enjoy coming down the rabbit hole with us.
My sincere thanks to the artists within the project. Each of their speculative brains lead me into intriguing places of contemplation.

Gareth Hart
(Project Curator)
Creative Director & CEO
Burrinja Cultural Centre


Holding Pattern : immersive art on your phone

Holding Pattern curates a series of newly commissioned artworks, delivered FREE, directly to audience’s mobile phones every Monday in May @ 6pm

Artists include Gretel Taylor, Roderick Price, Julien Macandili, Rhys Kiekegaard, and Edwina Green.

Responding to the idea of ‘the anthropause’ (a considerable global slowing of modern human activities, notably travel, due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting the flow of human movement globally), the artists have created a suite of new visual, video and interactive art experiences for you.

New ideas and new works from the new world.

The project turns our hand held screens into the stages of our future.

A new work delivered to audiences each Monday throughout May.

Tickets are FREE, audiences simply need to register their phone number.