Burrinja 25th Birthday

Our Future Artists Gallery Take Over


6 December, 2023 – 31 January, 2024

Renate and Lisa are two sculptural artists who will be engaging in a first-time collaboration. Surrounded by vintage sewing machines, bits and bobs, they will be creating a sculptural work of art using Burrinja roadside banners from the past. Their creation(s) will develop and grow throughout their residency.

Renate Crow

Lisa Von Muller

Character Designs based on Australian flora and fauna

6  – 10 December, 2023

Ben will be in-situ illustrating a series of character designs inspired by specific flora and fauna native to Australia. For instance: a helmeted-honeyeater reimagined as a knight in yellow with a spear shaped like a beak; a gum tree as a wise sage with leafy clothing.


Artist’s Bio:

I am a self-taught artist based in Ferntree Gully. I specialise in character design using the traditional medium of fine-liner and coloured marker. I have created comics, both illustrated and written by me (my most recent is linked in my Instagram bio.) I see art as a profoundly useful practice, both emotionally for those seeing and creating it, but also pragmatically for its ability to make more real the internal thoughts of people.

Making art at Burrinja

6 – 22 December, 2023

Poppy will be using the themes of nostalgia and reflection, hoping that the act of looking back to their artistic roots will help them to connect again to the sense of play that possessed the act of creating for them, and help to find a path for their art that will propel them into the future.


Artist’s Bio:

Poppy, who also goes by Gideon, is a self-taught artist living on Wurundjeri land. Their VCE art pieces were exhibited in Healesville as part of the Burrinja 2021 Creative Showcase, and they have since pursued a creative career in filmmaking. They have been on the student jury for the local Lantern and Light International Children’s Film Festival for both 2022 and 2023, also helping to produce and edit interviews run by the festival. Their most recent experimental film has been selected for the 12th International MINA Smartphone Film Festival. They were a collaborator in the QAC Temporary Public Artwork initiative throughout 2023, working to produce the Carabiner Bench installed in Birdsland. Their art reflects their interest in storytelling and politics, but often gravitates back to the natural world which fuels their creativity.

Gathering Place

17 – 22 January, 2024

Meet the “confessional taker from the future,” who will be taking confessions from members of the public, who confess their future crimes, secrets, loves, joys. In return, they will present the confessee with acts of penitence to perform in their own time. Exploring ritual through performance, Emiko Artemis will be open to the public for a short time only.


Artist’s Bio:

Emiko Artemis is a regional based artist working on the lands of the Ramindjeri people of the Ngarrindjeri Nation in South Australia. Emiko works across media but has recently moved into the field of performance and has been selected to attend a performance intensive residency funded by Regional Arts Australia and Country Arts SA. Emiko was selected to attend a residency in Oatlands Tasmania in March 2023 for which they were supported through Country Arts SA funding. Part of the work created during this residency has been collected by the Midlands Shire Council and will also be shown at Mildura regional gallery in 2024. Emiko was recently selected to attend the 2023 Regional Arts Australia Artlands Roundtable gathering to help shape the new direction of RAA for the next decade. Emiko has received many accolades for their work over the years and has exhibited and presented their work nationally.

memory map

24 January – 8 February, 2024

Poppy will be looking at the idea of nostalgia and co-creation – both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Poppy has an interest in the perspectives of others when looking at the ideas that inspire her. she finds joy in the way that her work incites conversation or encourages participation. Poppy invites the community to share in the mapping of nostalgia by contributing images of themselves or loved-ones that she will paint into a collective work.


Artist’s Bio:

I am an emerging artist who lives and creates on Wurundjeri land. My practice often relates to impulse, obsession and connection as it relates to my specific personal interests. I preference the use of recycled materials as surfaces, finding ways to re-contextualise them in addition to the re-contextualising of my source imagery. I find conversation to be an integral part of the experience of my work; whether through relatability or recognition of the subject matter, or actual physical interaction/ participation in the work.

Nostalgic Totem

1 – 11 February, 2024

Skübz will be using the opportunity to work in a large space to explore a prevalent theme in his artistic practice – Totems. He will create a large-scale totem painting or a 3-dimensional sculptural totem work, embodying his nostalgia for the 90s era of graffiti and counter-culture.


Artist’s Bio:

Skübz Mope is a fine artist and freelance creative based in Wurundjeri Country, Upwey, VIC. Working predominantly in acrylic, aerosol and digital mediums, his artwork is informed by a blend of influences including ancient art, cartoons, animation, comics, graffiti, portraiture and abstraction. With an education in Multimedia and Fine Arts, his artistic practice encompasses a broad range of areas. Festival culture, van life, warehouse living, skateboarding, busking, and graffiti have all left their mark. Themes of freedom, rebellion and psychonautic travails combine with a sense of nostalgia for the late 90s and early 2000s to form the foundation of much of his work.

Textile Sculptural Explore

1 – 11 February, 2024

Macarena will be creating a large-scale textile sculpture using techniques such as turfing gun, hand building and weaving. She will be developing and experimenting with textile sculpture in a larger than life dimension.


Artist’s Bio:


Macarena Ocampo Cea is an award-winning, self-taught textile artist based at Burrinja. She is inspired by diversity, authenticity, uniqueness and femininity. Using vibrant colours and striking expressions, her work explores themes of self-value and connections with those around her. These themes are expressed through portraiture and representations of the female form, with a strong focus in diversity of shapes, gender and age.

banner image credit:
"The Contingent at Two Floors", Photo: Darren Clarke