Some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell in the Burrinja Gallery Some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell RONA GREEN

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This solo exhibition is a collection of hand coloured linocut prints depciting a mix of native fauna and introduced species hybrid animal characters.

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Rona Green’s fantastical figurative prints, poppets, paintings and drawings explore ideas about the nature of individuality.
Specifically, her interest is in how identity is expressed via the body; physical appearance and the ways it can be altered; the skin and its potential to be the stem point for transformation – how the body can be a vehicle for story by means of transformative devices, particularly anthropomorphism and body decoration. Through the fabrication of strange and unusual hybrid creatures she champions idiosyncrasy.
Born and raised in the port city of Geelong, Australia, Rona went on to study art at La Trobe University in Bendigo (1992-1995) and Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne (1998). She was awarded a Master of Fine Art degree from Monash University, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design in 2012.
Well known for striking pictures of peculiar characters, Rona has received many accolades such as the Geelong Print Prize, Swan Hill Print Acquisitive Award and Silk Cut Award for Linocut Prints Grand Prize. In addition her work is represented in over sixty Australian and international public collections including the National Gallery of Australia.
Rona is a fancier of Egyptian art, historical figures, science fiction, B-grade movies, TV, secret societies, tattooing traditions, subcultures and the animal kingdom. Amateur boxing is Rona’s hobby and she was winner of the 2017 Victorian Masters Boxing Championships female novice lightweight title. Rona lives and works in the Dandenong Ranges, Australia.

Rona is represented by Australian Galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, Beaver Galleries in Canberra, Penny Contemporary in Hobart, and Solander Gallery in NZ.

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Rona Green

Some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell

Burrinja Gallery exhibition

31 July – 4 September 2021

1 Fluffa, hand coloured linocut, 38 x 38 cm, 2021, $1200 framed

2 M-M-Michel, hand coloured linocut, 108 x 76 cm, 2020, $2900 framed

3 Stellan, hand coloured linocut, 53 x 47 cm, 2021, $1675 framed

4 Bucky, hand coloured linocut, 28 x 21 cm, 2011, $750 framed

5 Party Pie, hand coloured linocut, 26 x 19 cm, 2014, $750 framed

6 Sheila, hand coloured linocut, 27 x 29 cm, 2007-20, $925 framed

7 Rosie and Rudy, hand coloured linocut, 28 x 48 cm, 2017, $1200 framed

8/9 Pascal and Nastja, hand coloured linocuts, 57 x 57 cm each, 2017, $1675 framed each

10 Wylie and Kev, hand coloured linocut, 27 x 53 cm, 2019, $1200 framed

11 Icecream days, hand coloured linocut, 49 x 72 cm, 2019, $1675 framed

12 Leonty and Borislav, hand coloured linocut, 50 x 100 cm, 2013-16, $2400 framed

13 Ddraig, hand coloured linocut, 39 x 37 cm, 2019, $1200 framed

14 Greasy Rhys, hand coloured linocut, 38 x 28 cm, 2008, Not for sale

15 Foxy and Wanda, hand coloured linocut, 28 x 51 cm, 2020, $1200 framed

16 McGoohan, hand coloured linocut, 51 x 66 cm, 2015, $1675 framed

17 Shitehawk vs Dirck ‘Foo-Foo’ De Cock, hand coloured linocut, 72 x 108 cm, 2015,  $2900 framed

18 Wayno and Bazza, hand coloured linocut, 32 x 50 cm, 2018, $1200 framed

19 Bluey, hand coloured linocut, 34 x 38 cm, 2004-2020, $1100 framed

Rona Green is represented by Australian Galleries Melbourne