Women Painting Women |||

This exhibition uniquely honours the female spirit – of realist painters and their sitters
– artist Vicki Sullivan

Women Painting Women is a major exhibition of portraiture in traditional oil painting. It presents award winning realist painters from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. Taking its inspiration from the Women Painting Women exhibitions in the United States, this is the third Australian instalment of the Women Painting Women phenomenon which celebrates traditional realist painting and the talent of female artists.

The Artists

“My art practice is an extension of my ongoing journey to unearth the treasures of secret wisdom only found by delving into my emotional landscape. Many truths about our human spirit hide in our trauma shadows, my aim is to expose these and transform them into something beautiful.”

“I create paintings of LGBTQ+ identified and allied people. My work toys with the concepts of glorification, objectification and modification. Throughout the work I push and pull the boundary between realism and abstraction, highlighting the layers and complexity of identity, gender and beauty.”

“As a figurative artist, I hope that when I paint someone, I can inject a feeling that goes beyond skill or technique, beyond outward appearance to what lies within. It is a somewhat voyeuristic and intimate undertaking, and that is accompanied by a trust and responsibility.”

“My work is about feelings, based on how we relate to one another. My aim is to engage the viewer in the same thought process as mine, so as to open an opportunity to self questioning. My paintings are stories which hopefully reflect my love of people.”

“My greatest ambition in my work is to allow the viewer to feel like they could be standing right there in the room with me- experiencing the same delicate light, the mood, the stillness. In this way I feel I can draw attention to the quiet beauty found in everyday life.”

“I like to create a narrative in the painting by using objects or clothing relating to something in the person’s life which tells a story or adds detail about them adding a story to the piece. The moment when the subject begins to evolve out of the canvas is very moving for me.”

“With a passion for figurative oil painting, I try to depict the beauty and complexity of life, objects and scenes.”

“I have always been attracted to the natural world. Full of nuance and subtlety, it allows for a certain repetition and drilling of the mind to imbue the detail in my work. The work is bound only by personal choice and the precepts to which I hold fast; sustainable existence, appreciation of beauty, creativity in experimentation and integrity of skill.”

“I can feel a reaction in my gut when I view an artwork that is enamouring – and it is much more complex than simplistic emotional states, like happiness or sadness. The figures play with gesture and bodily discomfort to complicate the viewer’s role and bring forth questions regarding voyeurism, consent and body confidence.”

“I seek to unveil the essence of a person’s being and represent it in a way that recognises the beauty inherent to the human condition.”

“I aim to convey an authentic and honest representation of each subject, infusing personal and universal narratives within each piece to stir the viewer to question and connect to the stories behind each painting”

“I think that’s the real challenge as a portrait artist. And not only for portraits, but for anything else that you are creating. To paint or sculpt something that tells a story about that subject, and conveys to people something of its essence, is just such a joy for me.”