*artist statement

By using genograms, a tool used by social workers to visually represent kinship systems, Case Notes probes the relationship between Western conceptions of kinship and the connection, or lack thereof, between person and environment. In transposing images with health records, Case Notes explores the way time and history are configured in records in the context of health beyond the anthropocene. 

Rhys Kierkegaard *artist's bio

Rhys Kierkegaard is an artistic researcher who disseminates art under their artist name. Their practice muddies the distinction between performance or the performative and institutional critique, by operating at the site where art meets everyday life. They explore the effect, both aesthetic and political, of documents in shaping the world around us and configuring conceptions of time and reality. They utilise the Freedom of Information Act to obtain and display documents such as health records, procedures, correspondence, records of decision and evidence. By doing so, Kierkegaard attempts to bring the speculative practices of contemporary art into sequence with the political practices of community engagement.

Case Notes

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