*artist statement

This artwork reflects for me concerns about the global migration of many cultures and Peoples, and their treatment by Governments. Hence why I have included a boat in this painting, and two panels representing the two sides to every story. The last couple of years have also been remarkable in that they included the 25th Anniversary of the Mabo decision, and the 30th year of survival of the Boomalli Artist Co-operative. All of this time may seem a long time ago. But these achievements are still very much relevant to what we as Indigenous artists and Mob are still living through today. We are still fighting for Country and a better future for our children. What I would like people to consider from my artwork is the nature of where we are at – humanity, our loss of innocence, and how do we move forward from here.

Edwina Green *artist bio

Working across installation, film, painting, photography, and sculpture, Edwina Green’s practice is informed by her Aboriginal heritage as a Trawlwoolway woman, from North-East Tasmania. Exploring concepts of culture, religion, Indigenous erasure, and the post-colonial paradigm and its effects on people and place, Edwina creates narratives that engage, provoke, and question our place within society and our interaction with Indigenous Australia.


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