Holding Pattern : Between Here and Tomorrow

Four contemporary artists are commissioned by Burrinja to make new digital works.

Whilst we often think about our sense of place being a physical thing – located in relation to an environment, what if we locate ourselves in time? In relationship with time. Of a time. That is to say, in relation with a past, present and future (which might not be chronological).

‘Between here and tomorrow’ asks artists to situate their work in between where we (as a community) find ourselves and where we are going. What will enable us to create the future we so rapidly need? What present urgencies needs to be addressed to build tomorrow?

‘Between here and tomorrow’ articulates a place of transition, of momentum, of desire, of feeling, of moving towards, of being both after and before a moment. With a 65, 000 year history of human habitation and care for this place, tomorrow is not so far away.

Holding pattern will see work created that explores the nature of change, the intermediate state. Through this, artists do what they are exceptional at: they will imagine a future.

The project turns our hand held screens into the stages of our future.

A new work was delivered to audiences each Thursday throughout April, 2022.

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