Holding Pattern : immersive art for your phone

Five contemporary artists are commissioned by Burrinja to make new digital works.

Artists include Gretel Taylor, Roderick Price, Julien Macandili, Rhys Kiekegaard, and Edwina Green.

Responding to the idea of ‘the anthropause’ (a considerable global slowing of modern human activities, notably travel, due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting the flow of human movement globally), the artists have created a suite of new visual, video and interactive art experiences for you.

New ideas and new works from the new world.

The project turns our hand held screens into the stages of our future.

A new work was delivered to audiences each Monday throughout May, 2021.

“Over the past few months, many countries around the world went into lockdown to control the spread of COVID-19. Brought about by the most tragic circumstances, this period of unusually reduced human mobility — which we suggest be coined ‘anthropause’ — may provide important insights into human–wildlife interactions in the twenty-first century. Anecdotal observations indicate that many animal species are enjoying the newly afforded peace and quiet, while others, surprisingly, seem to have come under increased pressure.” – www.nature.com

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