*artist statement

Between the years 2030-2050, there will be an estimated 250,000 people dying each year because of climate change. Some experts have stressed that this is a conservative estimate, and that the deaths are already occurring today. So who should be held accountable for the hundred thousands of lives lost? Rear Windows is a (mass) murder mystery game where you can have a stab at this question. Play and attempt to find the culprit of this heinous crime.

Julien Manandili *artist bio

Julien creates digital artefacts (non-narrative video projections and computer applications) to explore the relations of geography, computing, and visual arts. She has been commissioned for Signal Screens, exhibited at MUMA, and showcased at Digital Writers Festival. As a recent graduate of BSci. Computing and Software Systems at the University of Melbourne, she is now applying her knowledge in building digital systems for not-for-profits.

Rear Windows

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